Storytime every Saturday at 10:30am! The Frugal Frigate is an independent children’s bookstore located in Historic Downtown Redlands, California. The Frugal Frigate has been a part of the community for over 30 years, established in 1988. In our brick & mortar location, we proudly offer the best in both new titles and beloved favorites of children’s literature. We have a refreshing selection of books for children to young adults, and we also carry a selection of plush toys, journals, stationery, cards, a build-a-stuffie workshop, and all sorts of things to stir the imagination. Online, the sky's the limit and we offer much more than just children's literature. Browse our shelves, check out our current recommendations, or search for what you're looking for, and find your next great adventure!

In June 2021, we reopened A Room of One's Own! Some of you may remember the wonderful space that Katherine, the founder of The Frugal Frigate, created called A Room of Her Own. The tag line was "books for, by, or about women." The Room was closed in the early 2000s when The Frigate changed hands. I (Erin, current owner) worked for Katherine in the late 90s in high school and college. That Room was so important to young, coming-of-age me and I don't think I'd be the same person today had I not had access to it. Literary voices that commanded attention, yelled, screamed, and whispered, showed me both mirrors AND windows. We are so excited to welcome you back to this space for adults, in a little room dedicated off to the side of the main store.