Selling Your Book at The Frigate

Consignment Sales Program

The Frugal Frigate is committed to promoting local authors. Independently or self-published books and books not available from our distributors at the normal Ingram “REG” discount are screened and accepted for consignment on a case-by-case basis.

As an independent, local bookstore, we make it a priority to support local authors. We appreciate that in return you will support The Frugal Frigate and other local bookstores by shopping in our store, promoting us on social media and on your website, and encouraging book buyers to purchase books from us, rather than from Amazon. We will gladly share your social media posts and help promote your book—but we will not display any promotional materials in our store, on our website, or on our social media sites if they direct buyers or reviewers to Amazon. (If you're interested in learning more about how Amazon harms independent booksellers and other industries and workers, see the recommended reading at the bottom of this page. Danny Caine, owner of The Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, KS has written an amazing book about the subject.)

Program Details

Books must meet the following standards:

  • Must have an ISBN number
  • Quality binding (no spiral bound)
  • Book title & author name on spine
  • Must have been professionally edited, designed, proofed, printed and bound.
  • Must be priced comparatively to other similarly published books
  • If your book is available through our main distributor (Ingram) it must be listed at the "REG" discount for wholesale. Short discounted books will not be stocked (but can be special ordered upon customer's request).

All books will be read, in part or full, by staff member or designee before approval. Decisions are made on a book-by-book basis and are final. Books submitted without completed application for at the link below will not be read or otherwise considered for consignment. Applications submitted without a book will not be considered until the book is received.

Books accepted into our inventory:

  • Will be on The Frugal Frigate shelves for 60 days, unless other arrangements are made and agreed between the author/agent and The Frugal Frigate
  • The book will be shelved and/or displayed solely at the discretion of The Frugal Frigate with no guarantee of specific placement or display location in the store.
  • Inclusion for website sales is at the discretion of the store and requires the book’s ISBN is included in the Ingram database.
  • The Frugal Frigate reserves the right to limit the number of titles or exclude for consignment any book for any reason.
  • If book is accepted author will provide four (4) books to The Frugal Frigate for consignment sale.
  • Author must include The Frugal Frigate in all promotions that include or mention the book’s availability for purchase.

The decision made by our buyers is final.  As with all inventory we carry in the store, we retain the right for any final decision not to carry a book if we believe it does not fit the store philosophy or our market. Books not accepted for consignment must be picked up within 10 days of author notification, unless other arrangements are made. If not picked up within the set time frame, the books become the property of The Frugal Frigate and will be distributed or donated at the store’s discretion.

For each book that sells, The Frugal Frigate will retain 40 percent of sale price; author will receive 60 percent, according to industry standard. The Frugal Frigate will be responsible for reporting the sales tax collected in accordance with the CDTFA requirements.

The Frugal Frigate will remit the author share of any sales by check on the 15th of each month for sales made in the previous month.

It is the authors responsibility to ensure The Frugal Frigate has sufficient stock at any time.

When the consignment period is over, it is at the discretion of The Frugal Frigate to renew the agreement on a month-to-month basis. If the agreement is not renewed, any remaining books must be picked up within ten (10) days of author notification. Those not picked up will become the property of The Frugal Frigate and will be distributed or donated at the store’s discretion.

The Frugal Frigate is not responsible for damaged, missing or stolen goods and the author/agent will absorb the losses.


To submit a book for store-sales consideration, complete the form linked below and submit with a copy of the book to:

The Frugal Frigate
9 N. 6th St.
Redlands, CA 92373

Questions? Email us here:

By submitting your application form at the link below, you acknowledge that you have read the program details, agree to the terms and conditions, and understand that all decisions are made by The Frugal Frigate on a book-by-book basis and are final.

Please complete the application form here: