Book 1 of the Codex Arcanum

with Matt Harry

Wednesday October 18 4PM

About the Book


All Owen Macready wants is to be an average eighth grader. Then his mom goes to Africa to find herself, his dad moves him to Las Vegas, and Owen discovers an easy-to-understand guide to magic that actually works. 

But when he uses sorcery against a school bully, a chain of events is set in motion that will make Owen the target of a ruthless millionaire, get his father arrested, and possibly upend the natural order of the entire world. No pressure.

SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS is a middle-grade fantasy novel that deals with magic in the Internet Age. It is the first in a proposed series that will explain ancient, complicated topics such as spell casting, alchemy, and cryptozoology to the modern young person in an exciting way. Part novel, part “For Dummies” help guide, and every bit a fun, fast-paced adventure, SORCERY FOR BEGINNERS will appeal to fans of J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and anyone who ever wanted to be a sorcerer, but didn’t want to do a bunch of hard, boring work. 

About the Author


Matt has been writing since he was a middle grader. In 2001, he graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in Film Production. He have sold and optioned screenplays to production companies, and his work has received accolades from the FOX Comedy Script Contest, the Austin Film Festival, and the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships. In 2010, Matt wrote and produced a feature-length movie called Fugue that won Best Horror Film at the Mississippi International Film Festival. He have also written articles for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Akron Beacon-Journal, and the textbook Elements of LiteratureSORCERY FOR BEGINNERS is Matt's first novel. 



"The book's inventive format incorporates spellbook elements, including engraving-style illustrations, droll sidebars, and spell instructions... it's a charming package and a drily funny adventure." -- Publishers Weekly

"Matt Harry has a knack for taking what's already a fun concept (of his very own creation) and making it even more fun throughout. Sorcery for Beginners makes me wish I had this book when I was Owen Macready's age. The story casts a spell of its own." --Mike Rich, author of Skavenger's Hunt, screenwriter of The RookieRadio, and Finding Forrester

"Wonderfully hilarious, delightful, and charming." --Paula Yoo, author of Good Enough

"Fun premise that sorcery can be taught in a 'For Dummies'-type format. Clever and intriguing." --Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous, authors of Sparked