owlmouth (New Women's Voices #150) (Paperback)

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owlmouth is a collection of poems about transformation. Michele Marie Desmarais (M tis, Dakota, European) offers perspectives on the environment, being-in-relationship, the need for change and the process of healing. These poems are an expression of an Indigenous worldview replete with relationships between human and other-than-human persons.

owlmouth is about the possibilities of transformation within a life--in the face of colonialism and the sometime liminal identities on the urban rez. Reflecting on experiences of historical trauma due to the Indian Residential/Boarding Schools, as well as climate change and the responsibilities we have for our relatives who include both human and other-than-human persons, owlmouth is also about intergenerational resiliency, healing and the necessities of transforming the dominant culture.

Depending on the Nation or culture, an owl may bring medicine, wisdom, or death. These poems explore all three within the overall theme of transformation, and, in doing so, reflect upon belonging, home, Indigenous/Native American perspectives, and the intersection of multiple moments, beings and cultures.

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ISBN: 9781635349511
ISBN-10: 1635349516
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication Date: June 6th, 2019
Pages: 42
Language: English
Series: New Women's Voices