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Shakespeare Greenheart is book one in Raven Mack's freestyle sonnets project - to write over a thousand sonnets spontaneously, woven into heroic crowns. With the heroic crown, sets of fourteen sonnets are connected by the last line of one becoming the first line of the next. Additionally, the last line of all fourteen compose a heroic crown sonnet, so it's super-nerdy mathematical poesy nonsense. Shakespeare Greenheart is his first shots fired at Shakespeare's dusty crown as King of the Sonnet. All of these were written in "freestyle" mode, meaning more gut and heart than brain thought, skip conscious mind as much as possible, with minimal editing mostly done just to fit the strict mathematical form of the project. Themes explored mostly revolve around mankind's self-destructive reliance upon technology and brain knowledge, but in honoring the freestyle mode of writing, Shakespeare Greenheart shoots word arrows in all eight directions.

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ISBN: 9781514768662
ISBN-10: 1514768666
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 29th, 2015
Pages: 160
Language: English